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Oliver Fuels Cares about Your Comfort

Oliver Fuels, serving South Simcoe for over 60 years, cares about the comfort and convenience of our customers. Contact us to request our high-quality products and reliable services, including:


• Automatic fuel delivery: Our automatic fuel delivery system is the most common system used among our customers. We determine delivery by factoring a number of variables including the weather – specifically the temperature fluctuations – plus the age and size of your home.


• Will-call delivery system: This system allows those of you who may supplement your heat with another source such as wood, or customers who have a second residence where they only live on a part-time/seasonal basis, to keep an eye on your own fuel requirements. We do, however, ask that you give us at least a week’s notice so that we may also service our automatic delivery clients as well.


• We offer monthly payment /equal billing plans to help you budget for the upcoming heating season.

•  We strongly recommend annual maintenance and cleaning of your heating equipment to keep it operating at an optimal level. In fact, most furnace manufacturers will not warranty a furnace if it has not been properly maintained.

Required Inspections for New Customers

It is imperative for our new customers to know that Oliver Fuels requires a comprehensive inspection for your heating and related equipment before we can supply your system with fuel. Some homeowners purchase a resale home, which has already had inspections completed. Please be sure that your realtor or lawyer receives copies from the former homeowner. If you happen to be a homeowner who provides us with inspections that we have not ourselves performed, we reserve the right to inspect your equipment before any fuel delivery will be made.

Safety Inspections for Heating Oil Equipment

Safety inspections have to be performed on your furnace or boiler, hot water heater, if heated by oil, and your furnace oil tank.  Upon completion of the comprehensive inspections, you will receive a copy, and the included checklist will clearly indicate what has passed and what changes or deficiencies need to be addressed, if any, in order to bring your system up to code. If mandatory changes have to be made, these must be done and inspected before we can deliver any product to you.

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