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Maintain Your Heating Equipment with Oliver Fuels


Oliver Fuels installs oil fired furnaces and hot water heaters. Ask us about a no-obligation quote. In addition to installation, Oliver Fuels Ltd. provides annual maintenance and cleaning of your heating equipment; ask us about our rates and call now to book an appointment. To help maintain your furnace’s efficiency, here are some air filter tips:


• Change or clean your air filters on a regular basis for best air flow.

• Cheaper filters can be lightly vacuumed, but usually need to be replaced more frequently as they tend to fall apart.

• Permanent metal filters can be vacuumed or washed by a showerhead depending on their composition.


Call Oliver Fuels for Expert Furnace Repairs

You can stay warm and safe in a 20-mile radius of Alliston because you have the technicians of Oliver Fuels ready to take care of your furnace repairs with expert service. If your heat goes out, call us about your problem. You can also safely determine some simple causes yourself. However, when in doubt, call Oliver Fuels after you have checked these items:


• Make sure your furnace switch is on. It looks like a standard light switch, usually close to the furnace. Unfortunately some installers put them by stairways. Some people shut them off, thinking the switch is for a light fixture and not the furnace.

• Check that your fuse or breakers did not go off. Keep extra fuses on hand just in case. If you have a breaker system, reset the one for your furnace.

• If possible, check your oil supply. While some people have underground tanks and cannot check their supply, other people have either indoor or outdoor tanks. The most accessible tanks have tank gauges that are somewhat accurate. However, your tank gauge does not go right to the bottom of your tank. Also, sometimes they don’t work properly because of age, and they need to be replaced.

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