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Gain Cost and Energy Efficiency with an Oil-Fired Furnace

Compared to gas, propane and electric furnaces, oil-fired furnaces hold their own for convenience and reliability. The helpful staff at Oliver Fuels will be glad to answer your questions about installation and maintenance for your oil-fired furnace from the highly respected Granby Conforto, including the benefits of:

• Low environmental impact

• Good indoor air quality

• Energy efficiency

Know How Your Oil-Fired System Creates Heat

Whether the warmth in your home comes from radiant heating, a steam radiator or hot air vents, the basic operations of your oil-fired system are the same. Knowing the components of your oil-fired furnace or heating system helps you troubleshoot simple problems and recognize when you need to call Oliver Fuels for help. Here are the steps your system takes in a heating cycle:

• Your thermostat’s sensor measures the room temperature

• The thermostat signals activate your burner or furnace controls

• The burner’s controls activate a fuel pump to draw fuel

• Fuel enters a filter and comes out the other side as a fine spray

• The spray of fuel ignites with air in a combustion chamber

• The super-hot combustion chamber heats air or water

• The fuel emissions safely leave your home up the flue

Hot Air Systems as Compared to Hot Water Systems

If you have a traditional hot air system, you end up with heat entering your rooms from air ducts. Your conventional oil furnace has a heat exchanger where air absorbs heat from the combustion chamber. Then a blower forces the heated air through the ducts. However, many homeowners have installed hydronic or hot water systems that circulate water around a boiler. The boiler has a combustion chamber burning fuel oil as a furnace does, but a circulator sends the heated water, not air, to radiators, baseboards or floor pipes for radiant heat. Hydronic heat proponents state the benefits of not having to maintain heat ducts that can collect and circulate dust. Do you want more information about oil-fired hot air or hot water systems? Call Oliver Fuels.

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